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  1. S

    Ringneck scared of me why

    i bought a ringneck 3 weeks ago and the owner was hand feeding it so i continued hand feeding it 2 times a day morning and evening hes aged between 9-11 weeks because the owner wasnt sure 7-9 he told me Back to the mistake i made i was feeding my parrot irn and when i held his head to feed him...
  2. Rhi95

    IRNs constant screaming

    Hi all, first time user/poster here, brace yourself for a long post. We have two IRN’s, a female approx. 2+ years old and a male, we’re assuming around the same age (has his full ring). Both were purchased from a store specifically selling only birds from local breeders. Anyway, here’s a bit...
  3. enms

    Help out Blu

    Hello everyone! my baby Blu is around 4 months old and when he got in his cage he was trying out some acrobatics. He hurt his beak a few weeks ago climbing on the cage but I cured it with Neosporin. Now it looks a bit different any suggestions?( note he only goes in the cage to sleep and when I...
  4. J

    IRN legband code & Age guess

    I have a Indian Ringneck, who was said to be 8 months old but the previous owner said birb never moulted (which is suppose to happen around 8 months old) Ive had 'him' for 2 months, so lets just say 'he' is around 10 months. And honestly im just not sure & super curious Lol. im hoping one of...