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  1. BirdLady13


    This may be an odd observation on my part, but I'm curious if anyone else has noticed that lovebird based accounts on Instagram are primarily Chinese & Japanese and does anyone know why this is the case?
  2. flyzipper

    Hybrid macaw in the wild

    I follow this account on Instagram (mostly for the flock of Severe macaws they often feature), but this image caught my attention... ... I asked if that was common, and you can see their response above.
  3. flyzipper

    I may watch too many cockatiel videos on Instagram

    ... because my explore/search page looks like this... (their algorithm works pretty well though)
  4. Davi

    Your daily dose of bird humor

    Chicken burrito, anyone? Follow along on Twitter or Tumblr for daily "birb tweets" like this one! :blahblah:
  5. Dachshund King


    Hi all, I'm not new here but I didn't really know where to put this thread. I have an Instagram account (@hey.parrots) and I would love to feature anyone else's parrots on there. You can currently find pics of Amber, Cookie, Poppy, Herb & Sydney on there. Feel free to follow and DM me to feature...
  6. Kiwiscremsong

    Cockatiel Night Frights

    Hi my cockatiel Kiwi had a night fright last night he is ok and lost 2featherss but is fine now. Is there any way to help him not get night frights or decrease the chances of him getting a night fright? Thanks!:tieln::tiel::tiel3::tiel::coolparrot::tieln::tieln::tieln::tieln:
  7. Mybirdiespecks

    My cockatiel Specks

    I recently posted on the special needs thread about Specks scissor/crooked beak and I just want to THANK everyone that commented and helped!! Specks and I are extremely happy ya'll can help! I posted a new picture of him with his beak trimming here! Looks so much better, of course it's not as...