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injury recovery

  1. C

    Swollen/warm leg after splint

    My bird fractured her leg almost two months ago. She just got her splint taken off by the doctor yesterday, however today it does look a bit swollen and feels warm. Is this normal? Is there any way I can help her leg or will it heal on its own? Her fractured leg is healed now.
  2. A

    Retinal Detachment/Blindness

    Hello, I wanted to join this forum to give back all the help and information that I have gotten so that if someone were to Google this information it might be helpful to them like it was for me. I have a 10 year old lovebird named Kai who is fully flighted as of right now. On Saturday October...
  3. P

    Injured foot?

    Hey all. My parrotlet seems to have injured her foot, and I’m not sure how to treat it. It doesn’t seem severe, to me it looks like she cut it as she’s still able to perch, eat and drink, and there hasn’t been any bleeding since the incident but she has been biting her foot a lot more and will...
  4. M

    Urgent Green Cheek Conure Broken Leg - Advice/Opinions/Reassurance?

    Hi there, Unfortunately, our 2 month old green cheek conure got a little too excited, flew around frantically and hit one of our tall shelving units. This happened about 3 weeks ago, we took him to the vet, who splinted his left leg and he's been recovering. I have copies of his initial xray...
  5. N

    Please help.me 'fix' my baby...

    Four weeks ago I loaded my cat and my sweet gcc Nico into their carriers to head on our holiday. Somehow Nico got his carrier open and without warning suddenly flew directly into my face screaming like a banshee and caused me to wreck the car on the highway. Kitty was ok her carrier stayed...