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injured bird!

  1. I

    Urgent Bird i saved from a glue trap seem s to have an injured foot

    I just saved a bird from a glue trap but it's foot seems to be injured since it's not standing on it.it also refuses to eat or drink but I was able to get it to drink though I was only able to get it to eat a tiny bit of bread and i can't get it to eat more because it's beak is so tiny. I can't...
  2. ArrabellaBirds


    Hi there guys! I'm ArrabellaBirds and I'd like to talk about my lovebird Arrow, he got attacked by one of our other lovebirds, he's badly injured, and my parents won't let me go to the vet! They don't understand that I have a bonded relationship with him. I've tried reasoning, but they say it's...