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  1. PippinLovebird

    Parrot Photo Shoot!

    Aww Look at my 2 adorable babies! Sunshine (the cockatiel) and Pippin! (the lovebird) The lovebird I have had for 8 months and he is 7 1/2 years old, and the cockatiel I got last week, she is 3 months old. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel! Its called.... The Best Birds. If it...
  2. E

    Breeder information for Lovebirds?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the group so i’m sorry if this is in the wrong spot. First question: has anyone bought a bird from Toms Lovebird Farm in Perris California? He has good FB reviews but that’s all i can find on him so i wanted to see if any of you had gotten a bird from him :) hope that’s...
  3. Sylvi_

    Planning on a Uromastyx

    Some time this year, I'll be converting my 55gal tank(That has my hamster at the moment) into a reptile tank. Kirika(hamster) will most likely be going into a large bin cage or another tank of similar size. Now I thought about snakes and was almost set on a Ball Python but I realized the 55gal...
  4. papaya13

    Jardine's Owners?

    Hi all. As an up and coming parront, I'm having quite a bit of trouble finding the right resources to prepare me (hopefully) for my new companion. I've decided on a Jardine's and have a few questions for experienced caretakers, such as: 1) What cage? (general sizing and/or links would be...