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  1. S

    Just getting to know each other or fighting?

    Hi All, we introduced a second bird to our home about one month and a half ago. We have kept her (Pearl) separated from our existing bird (Galleon) and have slowly started to introduce them. They seem 100% fine with each other until Pearl gets too close to Galleon. They can sit on opposite ends...
  2. S

    Will I lose my bond with my Conure if I get another parrot?

    Hi all, I have a 6 month male GCC who I have had for 4 months now and love dearly. We have an AMAZING bond and spend a ton of time together. He goes almost everywhere with me (including work). We have considered getting another bird as my husband would like a bird to work with and bond with...
  3. G

    triton cockatoo, need help

    I have a bird, Wacko, she's a 32 year old Triton cockatoo. We have had her for 17 years. We have had to have her fostered a couple of times (as briefly as possible) due to instability in living situation. Now we are having to move again and have nowhere to go, as you may know trying to be in...
  4. dollfish

    New bird introduction questions regarding housing.

    We will be having a baby African gray in our house for about 6 months. We have a 15 metersquare indoor aviary and a cage for Astro and a slightly smaller travel cage. The aviary and the main cage definitely belong to Astro, our 2 year old African grey although we frequently put our budgie Cooper...
  5. ScarredAngel6

    Thinking of getting a third bird. IRN, Quaker, or Conure?

    I don’t really know which forum to post this so I hope it’s ok to post here, but I have a 3yo Jenday conure and a ~12yo pineapple Green Cheek conure and we want a third baby to our flock. We have 3 different ideas, an Indian Ringneck, a Quaker, or a different conure. We obviously have the most...
  6. V

    IRN with budgies

    Hello all! So I have a 4 year old female IRN, had her since she was about 7 weeks old. She's sassy but still very loving and tame and a big talker. Recently with the quarantine, I've been working from so she is out 24/7 and loving it. I'm worried that I head back to work, she'll be lonely...
  7. Mo Amjad

    Update on Indian Ringneck

    What's up guys I just bought a new cage online unfortunately because of memorial weekend it's coming on Thursday . This one is 24Lx24Wx32H. The current cage is 17Lx17Hx30H
  8. J

    Cages/Aviaries for Lorikeets

    What is the ideal housing for a Lorikeet? I'm looking at a cage which is 140cm high, 60cm deep, 95cm wide. Will my Lori be happy in there? He'll get flying time inside every day.
  9. Nazguul

    Greetings, information needed.

    ive been browsing this page for a while now on my journey to learn as much as possible before getting my next bird. All the information is very useful and I can usually find the answers I'm looking for. So my birds in mind are either a Parrotlet or diamond/ring neck dove. I've read the most...
  10. A

    If i house two birds in separate cages will they bond with each other and not me?

    Hi guys! About 3 weeks ago i bought a 7 week old love bird, but sadly we are still not bonded. I spend time with him at least 4 hours a day, but I don't touch him much since he dislikes that. PLUS SADLY he has started to bite. Moving on, today, i bought a cockatiel, but separated their cages...