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  1. M

    Homemade parrot food?

    It's getting harder and harder to find Trinity's pellets so I'm looking into alternatives that I can make at home. She's been on a mainly pellet diet for 16+ years and has never shown any interest in any parrot chops that I've made before. Anyone have a bird food recipe that their parrots enjoy...
  2. Phocyn

    Homemade kebabs advice?

    I want to make some homemade kebabs for the birds so I can put things like birdie bread, boiled egg, fruit, veggies, and other stuff on them but I don’t know what material is best? Wood just gives me the creeps cause mold and metal has a chance to rust. Maybe a hard plastic? Or something...
  3. Mysdrym

    Homemade Perches

    So, I had a bunch of maple and hickory branches fall during Hurricane Florence, and most of them have been taken away by trash, but I thought I could use the remaining ones for perches. I have them cut. I know that I'm supposed to bake them, but my oven died while I was making dinner tonight...
  4. AkasyaEllric

    Mahogany Pods

    Does anyone know how hard they are to saw? I'm debating buying pods and sawing and drilling them myself to save some money since my guys go through it pretty quickly. I'm buying a hand held miter saw this weekend for the balsa blocks I ordered, would I need a new tool? I was assuming they're...