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help #hissing #cockatiel #baby

  1. alexandrag

    Struggling to tame cockatiel

    I am terrified of not being able to regain my cockatiel’s trust. I gained it and then lost it when I made him feel scared and stressed in attempt to return him to his cage as a matter of urgency. Since then it has been incredibly hard to get him to trust or like me again. He used to take treats...
  2. E

    Cockatiel too scared and shy what do i do?

    Hi , im new to the bird keeping world, i am transitioning from fish keeping to birds. I had just bought a 3 month old cinnamon cockatiel which i believe is a female because of the barred tail and kind of faint red cheeks. anyway She Is really timid and scared, she does not move from the branch...
  3. P


    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. I’m coming here pretty much as a last resort. I bought a new Indian Ringneck parakeet around May time of this year and it was just born 6 months prior to that, so a baby. And I have had a really hard time to tame him. At the start we kept him in his cage...
  4. E

    Red-Rimmed eye and blinking but no other symptoms

    Hello, I got a six-month old lutino cockatiel for christmas, which i named Pixel. he has not been hand tamed nor will he submit to even going near my hand. I am posting this thread because one of his eyes have become red-rimmed on one side but he has no other symptoms. as i'm writing this he is...
  5. kifird

    Is this plant safe for my budgie?

    Recently my mom just received this massive plant that my bird is having loads of fun in, but I keep him away from it due to my concerns on him chewing on it being toxic. I want my bird to have some fun in the plant to stay active, but me and her don't even know what species the plant is. We...
  6. Bearpaw322

    My baby cockatiel is hissing.

    My 9 week old female cockatiel is hissing and night when she is in her cage and I put a cover on. She has a big cage and I use a light sheet to cover her cage. I’m not sure if I should be concerned or if I should take off the sheet but she doesn’t like to be locked in her cage and she doesn’t...