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  1. M

    Health help!

    Hello I hope I am posting this in the right section but I do need help with my two eclectus. I had just gotten these two over the weekend. I am including pictures. I would love some input… to me the female looks in bad shape. Male might be molting? Do they look very sick? Female isn’t as active...
  2. S

    My 1.5 to 2 month lutino cockatiel has a bald spot on his back of head/neck

    I got the 1.5 to 2 months old Lutino cockatiel 2 days ago and it seems that she has a bald spot on back of her head/neck, she has these pointed hairs or something pointy on the bald spot. I am not sure if this is something concerning, please help! I attached the photos of her.
  3. Riollkou

    What chemicals are safe to use around birds?

    Hi! Created an account just to ask this question lol I have a 4yo cockatiel that I've had for three years now, I love her to bits and always want to ensure her safety. I've tried to read up on this topic as much as I could but never really got clear enough answers to satisfy my worries so I...
  4. T

    Unusual poop from Kiwi :(

    Hello, So my cockatiel (female) is now around 6 to 7 years old :D. However, she had an unusual poop :(. Kiwi likes to cuddle up or sleep during the day like her friends... this is nothing unusual... but I cannot decide whether she is feeling sick and cuddles/sleeps due to that or not:/... I did...
  5. mybirdandi

    911 Injured cockatiel. Help

    Old wound opened up after he fell from his quarantine cage. It’s a pyrostyle injury. I’m worried about the recovery. He’s taking antibiotics since Friday and I’ve started topical ointment today which is why it’s wet. Does it look very concerning ?
  6. S


    Hello everyone! I'm new here and I was wondering if it's bad to never let your budgie mate?...like ever I have a female pet budgie and I have no plans on making her mate with another budgie. Your opinions will be very much appreciated. ☺️
  7. Haydenb

    Is smoking Cannabis near birds safe?

    Yes I know it's kind of a stupid and rather humorous question but, is it safe to smoke canibis or delta-8 in the same room as my bird & if so, is there a safest way to smoke canibis near the bird? Obviously I wouldn't blow smoke into my birds face but I want to make sure that it isn't as...
  8. Q

    My Chicken is Deaf?

    A few months ago I got a flock of nine different chickens, all hand raised and I pay a lot of attention to all of them. One of my birds, a Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam Which I've named Also Mine, Amy, or Amelia). I've noticed some strange behaviour around her, and did some tests and I'm fairly...
  9. C

    Urgent Lovebird Spitting up White Foam in Morning

    Hi my lovie is 5 years old and she’s been acting normal but since yesterday in the morning she has been spitting up white foam. She’s known for regurgitating all the time on her toys but always food. i took her to the vet and they did blood work and an x ray and here are the photos the vet...
  10. N

    Is baking playdough/clay safe?

    i hope this is the right place for this question! i want to make craft jewelry and all my other methods have failed. i thought clay/playdough would be a good idea, but i dont know if it would release fumes or something. so, is it safe?
  11. S

    Injured cockatiel wing

    My cockatiel Coco 5 months old has his wing dropping and is really sleepy. His wing was like this earlier today so we took him to a vet and they said it was due to an abnormal blood feather so they pulled it out and then he was looking good again. About 20 minutes ago though he was walking...
  12. Windsilver

    Budgie Has a Tumor - Euthanasia

    Hello Friends - I rescued my budgie about a year ago; I think she is 7 or 8 years old now. She pants very hard and droops her wings. Aside from that she still gets around okay and eats; although she does sleep a lot. She has been diagnosed with a tumor that is causing her to build up fluid in...
  13. Haydenb

    Any reccomendations for a bird safe space heater?

    Hi; I'm in the market for a space heater because where I live; it gets extremely cold in the winter & I want to get a space heater so my GCC won't get sick from the cold. It only has to heat up a medium-sized room &'d prefer if it was compact. Also any other things I should buy that will help...
  14. Haydenb

    Pictures Little bald spot above beak

    Hi; I have a 4 month old Green Cheek Conure who has a small bald spot on her head. She's moulting heavily & it looks like there's pin feathers just starting to grow; is this something I should be worried about? She hasn't had any behavioral changes & I haven't changed her diet of 2/3rds pellets...
  15. jmorris124

    New Grey, bornavirus advice please!! (and thank u :)

    I bought a baby african grey (I know shopping is bad, but I looked everywhere for a rescue and couldn't find one) and I'm scheduled to take her home august 1st once she weans. I visit her almost every day, I've already taught her to eat chop, and have so many toys, a huge cage, play stand...
  16. priscillag

    Baby cockatiel poop

    Hello. My baby cockatiel is about 8/9 weeks. She’s weaning right now. We have her Kaytee bird formula and she’s being fed her formula twice a day: 7am and 7pm. She’s also eating millet, crushed pellets, fresh veggies, and given fresh fruit but every other day. She’s been acting normal, I’ve...
  17. B

    Urgent Budgie randomly taken turn (sad update post #4)

    Hello! My 2 (ish) year old budgie, Pierogi, has randomly taken a turn for the worse overnight. He is still eating and drinking (less than usual but still doing it) but is very lethargic and fell off his perch earlier. I can’t get to a vet for a few days, I’ve been keeping him warm in a travel...
  18. J

    Urgent Cockatiel Green Droppings

    Hey everyone, So since I got my cockatiel her droppings have been very green even if she's not had any greens to eat. Should I be concerned? I'm hoping nothing like parrot fever but from what ive looked up the droppings seem to match the description. Pearl (my cockatiel) doesn't have any other...
  19. PippinLovebird

    Bumble foot?

    So I saw this on my cockatiels foot today, is it a scab? Could it potentially be bumble foot? I'm not really sure but thought it would be safe to get some opinions. Thanks!
  20. J

    black poop!!!!

    This morning my conure pooped on me and it looked fine, a little watery if anything, but fine. Later in the day, I went to clean one of her lower perches off bc they always get pooped on, and I noticed that there was black or very dark poop on it. Some of it was new some was crusty. Should I be...