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  1. S

    Bread making products??

    Hello fellow bread makers and bakers. I am an avid sourdough baker and have transformed all of my bakeware/cookware to PFA/non toxic since getting birds. I only use ceramic, glass and cast iron. However, I recently have been seeing so many great things about the silicone bread mats used to take...
  2. L

    Wired feathers

    Hello I have had my bird since 2020 but until recently I've noticed that lemons feathers are looking like this I noticed like 2 weeks ago and started to take extra care of lemon (since I go to medical school, the term that I was on at the time didn't allow me to give them the time lemon...
  3. dougk1989

    Potentially dangerous?

    Is microwaving things that have a microwave safe film on them potentially dangerous to birds? The plastic doesn't burn but are the fumes or whatever the plastic can potentially give off any danger? Does anyone microwave things like that around their birds?
  4. dougk1989


    Just received a rescue Amazon about five days ago. He was badly neglected. When I arrived to rescue him he was highly agitated and distressed, obviously. I got him home. Set up his new cage and the works. The first two to three days he was highly energetic. We would wrestle and play and...
  5. S

    Avian Gastric Yeast in Pigeon

    Hi everyone, I’ve never used this forum before, I hope this is the right place to post this. I have a pet pigeon named Diamond. I took him to the vet for a checkup recently and we found out that he has yeast in his system. The doctor wasn’t able to tell me if this was serious or not, and...
  6. Tammie123

    Questions + Mental Health topics

    Last night I read a post on here which gave me the confidence to come out and type all of this, so I'd like to preface my questions with a bit of an explanation. I've been struggling with severe anxiety for a few years now, but I haven't shared this with anyone other than my boyfriend. It...
  7. K

    Boy is my story ever interesting….

    Hello! I am a 26 year old birb mom to two wonderful (most of the time) birds. A little about myself is that I have pretty severe ADHD and possibly high-functioning autism as well. Having birds has been SO hard for me, but so very rewarding and has taught me a lot about myself. I work at a pet...
  8. F

    Wits End - Health/Behavioral Concerns

    Hoping I post this in the right place. Long time reader, finally created an account to post. Warning, long. My 8yr old female tiel is tearing my house apart, while teaching my new 4mo old possibly male her behaviors. I have 20 years of parrot hobbyist experience and I've never encountered such...
  9. B

    Need Help-Mite?

    Baby canaries have red spots on their backs. Also, the mother had red spots on her feathers because she was sitting in the hatch. What could be the problem with baby canaries? Do you have an idea? Thanks
  10. Baileybea

    Green Cheek Conure - Beak Suddenly Peeling a Lot??? Wasn’t like this yesterday

    Hi again, I just noticed the bottom of Momo’s beak suddenly looks like it’s really flaky/peeling a lot. I think she might be molting right now so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it but the change seems so sudden and I’m really worried now? Does this look normal to you guys? 1st...
  11. Baileybea

    Aphids/bugs in vegetables??? Safe to feed?

    Hello! I have a question about store bought veggies…the past couple days when I bought new spinach/broccoli, I noticed what appears to be a few little aphid bugs! I bought more tonight because I was worried about feeding them to Momo, and I found them again. I just wanted to know, as long as...
  12. Baileybea

    A few questions for my Green Cheek Conure (long post, mental health/OCD)

    Hey guys! I’ll admit, I’ve been very stressed out lately. I’ve been having a lot of health issues (physical AND mental) which led to me realizing that I need to step up my game when it comes to caring for my green cheek Conure, Momiji (Momo). This is gonna be a LONG one, so thank you in advance...
  13. Turkey2017

    Do You Guys Order Blood Panels?

    Hello! I have an avian vet that I’ve been going to for years but we’ve only ever done a blood panel once. She doesn’t seem to think they’re really necessary but I think I’d feel better if I could keep track on everyone’s condition over the years so I can have a ballpark of what’s normal and...
  14. B

    Poor Posture in Budgie?

    My budgie tends to lean forward when perching, which I assume isn't normal because my other budgie sits up straight. He also been sneezing often these past months, and has some extra weight behind his legs. Any ideas on what it could be about? Money's too tight to see a vet atm so help would be...
  15. L

    Problem with parrot's leg

    Hello! We noticed something on our parrot's leg. She doesn't feel well these days and we noticed this things on both legs. Could someone help us what are these and how we could help her? Thank you! Adél and Sarolta :)
  16. AussieBird

    Continuation of LJ's Health Stuff

    The poor guy looked like misery today :( I am hoping he's just still recovering from his appointment yesterday. He'll probably be going in again soon, maybe Friday unless he doesn't improve tomorrow. For those who haven't been following his medical stuff LJ has been the vet twice in the last two...
  17. M

    Why is my sun conure making this noise?

    I’m pretty worried since my sun conure keeps making this noise. Is this normal? She doesn’t have a runny nose, is very active, pooping and eating and playing like normal. I’ve heard Sun conures make a variety of different noises which are usually harmless but this one really gets me a bit...
  18. L

    Does anyone use Bird Butlers?

    Hi, do any of you guys use the bird butler system with brass nozzle? I’be been using it since April and now I’m reading brass can be toxic. The company has assured me they are safe but I’m still feeling stressed and looking for some comfort from anyone who uses the brass nozzle ones. Thank you...
  19. paimeezy

    are my budgies tail feathers okay?

    when i first got my budgie, his tail feathers were already pretty janky. he isn’t molting much yet, he’s still pretty young, but i was wondering if his tail will turn out healthy and fine? i got him a few weeks ago. his name is morax. ive also noticed his balance isn’t always the best, and i was...
  20. alliered

    Seeking perspective of death of a canary.

    Hello, I've very recently been hit with the grieving process of an old canary of mine. This happened when I was maybe a pre-teen, and I'm 23 now, so it would've been over a decade ago. I also generally have memory issues, so I may have difficulty remembering specifics. Please do exercise...