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  1. Mikubumble

    Parrotlet occasionally fainting?

    Hey there guys, So I've become aware of my parrotlet (smaller bird in my profile photo) fainting every now and then. This doesn't happen often, maybe once or twice every couple of months.. I think this may be because he holds in his poop as he likes to keep his cage clean, considering as...
  2. K

    Urgent Cookware Problem

    I use a ceramic coated, carbon steel cookie sheet. It was sitting on my stove and I turned on the wrong burner like an idiot. It charred a circle on the pan and it was smoking a bit. I removed my bird from the area and turned on all fans and opened windows. Is something like this dangerous...
  3. honeykat13

    Smoking Pot

    So I live in an apartment complex with a cockatiel. Recently, for about the past two weeks, I've been smelling some weed from one of our neighbors. It happens 2, maybe 3 nights a week, and I usually smell it for about 10 minutes. And this is with my door and windows closed. It's legal in my...
  4. Dostc426

    Pressure Sore! Need Advice!

    Hello everyone! My sun conure has a small pressure sore on his foot, which I have dealt with once before, at which time I apply coconut oil on his foot until it goes away, and have changed the perches to be rope perches and/or covered them in vet wrap! This time around I can no longer use vet...
  5. A

    Conjure fluffed up

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this I dont use forums often so I'm pretty clueless but my GCC has been fluffed up a lot the past few days, its summer but the last few days have been a little colder than usual and I think he is at the start of a molt is this normal or is it still...
  6. LoyalButler

    Pictures Is this nostril shape/color normal for a GCC?

    This is my second GCC(yellow-sided GCC) Kiro, and she's about 6 months old. Recently I noticed that her nostrils have different colour/shape to my first GCC Milo's and it kinda worries me. Compared to her older brother's, they look distinctively pinkish and swollen and it seems like the degree...
  7. K

    Urgent Cockatiel Cannot perch/balance

    Cockatiel fell in her cage and since has he balance issues. She shows no signs of broken bones, loss of grip, or pain. She is eating drinking playing as normal she just struggled to climb the cage and perch herself. And walking on the bottom of the cage she stumbles. I’m going tomorrow to the...
  8. M

    Is Mineral block safe for parakeets???

    Hi, I found this mineral block here in my country I attached the picture you can see In this mineral block they use plaster of paris to make it dried. So I want to know you can see all ingredients here with plaster of paris. Is these ingredients are safe for parakeets?? Please let me know, Thanks
  9. O

    Does the ability to whistle relate to mutation?

    As per my other posts, i am getting a baby male pied cockatiel. Does it matter about the mutation with their ability to whistle? For example, at the place they have a cage with a few adult cockatiels and the normal grays seem to whistle while the Lutinos are super quiet. Thanks.
  10. Phocyn

    Other than seed

    I'm looking for food other than seed and pellet suggestions. Venus is my new parakeet and I'm looking for healthy veggies to use as treats. She has several problems so I want to avoid sunflower and millet as a treat. Anything veggie or fruit or maybe pasta?
  11. Pennys People

    Cockatoo Diet

    When I adopted my 40 year old cockatoo, Penelope, a couple months ago I was given containers of a generic store brought seed labeled "parrot food". Before I brought her home I visited our pet store and got her some healthy mix that had various pellets and bigger seed and nut selection. I mix a...
  12. WhistlingAway

    Parrot Diet (exact portions inquiry)

    Hey everyone, I am new to this 'forum website' and I am a new African Grey Parrot owner and I had some questions concerning my Grey's diet, she is around 1-2 years I am not so sure, unfortunately. So far I know all about what they can eat and what they cannot eat. Ever since I had my Grey I've...
  13. PippinLovebird

    Lovebird Nose

    LOL I am just being extra cautious with Pippin lately. XD This is a weird question but... Is it normal that one of my lovebirds nose holes is a little larger than the other one? let me know! Thanks again everyone. :)
  14. PippinLovebird


    Hey! Im back again. XD So, My lovebird has been acting normal, tweeting, flying, he is active. But, his droppings had been different colors the past week. for ONE day they were like a orange-ish color? then they turned normal. But now they are a darker green. Can someone show, or explain to me...
  15. Violaxo

    Broken feather

    Viola has this broken feather ? Came home and noticed it. If you zoom in you can see a fleck of blood. After taking the picture she preened herself and tucked it back under her wing.... Will this resolve itself or do I need to remove it ... (I’ve never removed a feather before I don’t wanna...
  16. Violaxo

    Urgent Weird Beak

    Hey! Me and my budgie viola are new to avian avenue, so I’m not sure if this is the best place to post/ask this but what does it mean when her beak looks like this ? It seems chipped at the end... She’s about 5 months old I think ...
  17. Leafstem

    Possible early signs of PBFD?

    hi everyone! I have a GCC who will turn a year old in a little over a month so she’s pretty young. Something I’ve noticed for a while is that the feathers on her rump seem to be a bit odd. I thought it was just her molting but her rump area seems to be a bit sticky. I give her scritches there...
  18. M

    Mineral block or Cuttle Fish Bone which is important for parakeet?

    Hi, I want to know cuttle fish bone or mineral block which one is important for parakeet?? or both need for them?? I also want to know elements in mineral block ex: pluster of paris, clay, lime stone etc these are need for parakeet or it work as slow poison harmful for bird?? Thanks
  19. Cat194

    Help with budgie

    Hello so i am fairly new to owning budgies i currently have 2, one i think is female and one confirmed male, the 'female' one has a loss of feathers near her vent and has a slightly swollen abdomen (not red) i am freaking out, i am unable to get to a vet for a while (money problems) and was...
  20. B

    Post Gallbladder Removal Diet and Lifestyle

    Hey guys! I've mentioned in passing before I was about to have surgery and I did have it last Tuesday. I'm only 20 but unfortunately I had to have my gallbladder removed due to gallstones that run through my family on my father's side. Several other family members had their gallbladders removed...