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head tilt

  1. L

    Urgent Help! Budgie flew into ceiling fan-permanent damage?

    Help! I have 2 six month budgies. They are my everything. They love to fly and have tons of freedom. I unfortunately forgot that the cage was open and was working on my computer when one of them got out and flew directly into the ceiling fan while it was on high speed. She immediately fell to...
  2. R

    Urgent Cockatiel - Mild Yellow Urine and Head tilting with abnormally sedentary behaviour

    So I thought my male cockatiel was having mild indigestion because of eating something.But the sickness worries me now because I'm noticing Headtilting and Yellow tint in the stool. I found that the second millet bowl had a lot of droppings. What should I do now? How can I help curing...
  3. N

    Holistic anti inflammatory?

    Hi friends-- Not a parrot per se, but avian still! My little society finch Munchie has been treated for torticullis w meloxicam and enro. It resolved, then returned 3 wks later. Bloodwork showed no infection or abnormalities, 2nd course of meloxicam got the head tilt almost entirely gone...