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hand raised

  1. Turkey2017

    Opinions on Hand-Reared vs Parent Reared Birds as Companions

    Hello! I understand the conversation revolving around the pros and cons of hand-rearing isn’t new, but I recently read an article (attached) that discussed it in detail and I found it really interesting. I’m not a breeder but I am verinterested in the concept of raising companion birds in a way...
  2. SeñorBirb

    Hi there!

    Hi! I'm new here, and I'm getting a hand raised cockatiel for the first time! This is my second cockatiel, the first one I had was untamed (R.I.P. Señor, he was sick:darkcloud:). Does anyone have any advice for a new bird owner? (I bought THIS cage and natural perches to go with it, plenty of...
  3. Ocha_Tuna

    Meet Kimchi!

    Hi! This is Kimchi, my hand raised red factor canary! I think he's a boy, there's some little chatterings and until proven otherwise I will keep calling him a he :). I let him fly in my room or livingroom, he may not like being pet but he does enjoy sitting on people's shoulder and nipping...