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hand feeding

  1. S

    different training levels

    so I have my two darling tiels who I just brought home recently. They're friendly, but not hand tamed. The problem is that Pocket is a lot friendlier and picked up eating from my hands in a day, and we're now working on simple target training. Jester on the other hand is still working on eating...
  2. A

    Abandoned baby budgie

    Hi! So i have a baby budgie that the mother rejected and threw it out of the nest. So i’m hand feeding it and i’m new to this. I’ve read online that we have to feed every 2 hours from 6am till midnight. Do i have to feed the baby at night as well after every 2 hours? Because i’ve read on...
  3. R

    Baby parakeet aspiration pneumonia

    I rescued a parakeet with one baby the other eggs were destroyed and whatever babies did hatch were destroyed. The mother was in a cage of severe inbreeding not being fed overfilled with birds in a dark house by a person who was a hoarder and didn't take care of them. The cage was so small I...
  4. Xoetix

    How to clean up after hand feeding? Worse than an infant!

    My new little nerd (can’t figure out a name! Please offer suggestions ) is nearly weaned - he’s eating formula twice a day and nibbling on food-food otherwise. But good heavens, the MESS after feeding. How do y’all clean your babies? I’ve tried using a paper towel, and a damp paper towel, and...
  5. S

    Best formulas for budgies

    Typically I do not hand rear my budgies unless I have to for some safety reason, as I am a proponent of avoiding hand feeding species like budgies because they are easily socialized and tamed by simple gentle handling during and after weaning. However, I do have occasions to hand feed if it is...
  6. M

    Pictures I'm worried about my baby budgie. Please help.

    I'm new here, so I'm sorry if there's a format I'm supposed to follow. (S)he, who I've named Momo, was born a little over 2 weeks ago. I did everything I could to not intervene and just let them look after my budgies' kids themselves. The first blow came when a week old kid fell from the nest...
  7. Chusi<3

    hand feeding baby green cheek questions

    hi there! i recently purchased an unweaned baby (something i would never do again). i took him to the vet, got a clean bill of health, and she taught me how to hand feed. i currently feed between 104-108 degrees, about 8-10cc per feeding, 4x a day. the baby is 34 days old and 75g. i was...
  8. MaggieBee

    What's the right formula dosage for a 4-week cockatiel

    Ok, I've had Pearl, a four-week-old cockatiel, for a little over 36 hours, so I've gotten to feed her 5 times already. The breeder told me to feed her 4cc of formula at each feeding – 3 times a day – but she always seems unsatisfied after (she screeches like a dinosaur, which is very cute, but...
  9. A

    Advice For My New Baby Blue and Gold Macaw

    Hi there! My B&G baby is 7 weeks now. He comes with me to work and is obviously still being handreared.. I just wanted to know if/when can you start introducing fruits and veggies to their diet? I have read on a few places that says from 8 weeks... Any tips on this please?? Then he also comes...
  10. Haroobom

    Urgent Underweight cockatiel handfeeding, crop problems.

    Just got a food gram scale delivered, the baby cockatiel (35-36 days old) I'm nursing back to health after the mom stopped feeding him is 51 grams, at 5 weeks he should be the double. I don't know if he lost that much weight under my care or the 12+ hours the mother did not even go into the nest...
  11. J

    Urgent Help please, 5-week-old baby pineapple conure won't syringe feed

    Just yesterday, I got a 5-week-old pineapple conure from a local breeder. Before I brought her home, the breeder told me to give her a syringe of formula around 8pm. When 8pm arrived, I prepared her formula, (the temp was about 38-39° celcius), put in in a 10mL syringe, and introduced the...
  12. D

    Handfeeding help

    Hello, if you haven’t read my last post my conures had three babies and two of them died. You can check my posts for more information. I have the baby with the parents but I am handfeeding him. Should I separate him? I have a question. It is being so hard to feed the baby, he gives me a...
  13. J

    Hand feeding macaws

    Hi everyone. I am currently hand feeding two babies macaws. They are 3 weeks old going to 4. How often should I feed them? They are healthy and energetic. Used to gain around 10% body weight daily but now it’s about 5. Is that normal? Please help
  14. S

    Urgent Stunted growth??

    Hello guys! My names Ravyn and I have a couple of quick questions. I have been raising a baby cockatiel since it was born but I’m concerned he/she isn’t growing properly. The baby will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday but looks so small for his/hers age. I’m doing everything right with his/hers...
  15. E

    Screaming, Weaning Baby Cockatiel

    Hey guys! Currently, hand-feeding about a 6-week old cockatiel named Manny. He has been doing great so far but I have found he does not show much interest in his seed throughout the day. Sometimes he nibbles on millet but not too much of it. He also screams a lot of the day when he sees me ( I...
  16. R

    Begining Hand Feeding Forum

    Hello, I have 4 cockatiel chicks, and I am wanting to hand feed them I have done extensive research into it and am prepared for the responsibility. The oldest chick is almost exactly 3 weeks old but the problem I have encountered is that he will beg for food but when I put a small drop of food...
  17. R

    What Is The Best Hand Feeding Formula

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions pertaining the brands of cockatiel hand feeding formulas. I plan to try my hand at hand feeding my next clutch of cockatiels, I bred my cockatiels last year and the parents successfully raised three chicks.:) So here is what I think I have found so far: I...
  18. SamanthaAV

    Urgent What is going on with my babies?

    I originally posted this is the breeder section but realized I should post it here... So I am familiar with hand raising parrots, I have handfed many birds but this is only my second clutch of Parrotlets without a mentor. I was anticipating to remove them from the nestbox at about 2 weeks of...
  19. SamanthaAV

    Possible Aspiration Pneumonia?

    So I am familiar with hand raising parrots, I have handfed many birds but this is only my second clutch of Parrotlets without a mentor. I was anticipating to remove them from the nestbox at about 2 weeks of age as I have always done in the past but my baby, their mother past away suddenly, god...
  20. Rei.dot

    Hand training update

    so I’ve posted before asking about hand training advice and lo and behold persistence really is the best advice . She’s still not treat motivated as I hoped but she now happily crunches on some millet in my hand ( I even get some happy wiggle dances ). She doesn’t like to get to far from the...