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  1. J

    gym ideas??

    I have a clothes rack that I'm not using, and I want to put it to good use for my birdies!! But I'm stuck on ideas of what exactly to do with it. It's the same as the one in the photo. I'm planning on wrapping vet tape around the top pole and hanging boings, swings, and a climbing net from the...
  2. Matto

    NEW PRODUCT Reinvented: THE SUPER INDULGER For Greys & Medium Birds

    THE SUPER INDULGER is a gym for all of the African Greys, Pionuses, Eclectuses, and small Amazons out there who want a fun and sturdy place to call their own. The PVC is NOT the same as plumbing PVC. This is high-quality, furniture-grade PVC which is 100% bird-safe. All metal used is stainless...
  3. Fawnia

    Which Play Gym to get.....

    Hello All!!! As some of you may know, I recently got a green cheek conure, who is alot of fun. Currently, they don't really like my hand, but they love being around me. They'll do anything to get out their cage and be close to me. (they are not allowed on my shoulder yet because they are still...
  4. Pip and Gracie

    cheap play gym

    I'm looking for a cheap play gym to put on top of my birds cage. When I got her she felt safe going on the top of the cage it seems to be her favorite place. I'm wondering if anyone knows some play gyms that are at a reasonable price so I can put them on top of her cage.