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grey cockatiel

  1. K

    My 3-month cockatiel has pink/red nose?help :(

    Hello! I am new to the forum. I joined because I need help to know if my cockatiel is okay or if it needs anything :( I've noticed its nose being kind of red, and I don't know what may have caused it or what is causing it. However, sometimes it gets back to its normal color (the part of the nose...
  2. BirdDad

    Bald Spot on Grey Cockatiel?

    I know that it is normal for lutinos/other mutations to have bald spots on top of their heads but recently my female grey cockatiel has developed a bald patch atop her head, behind her crest. She is currently going through her first moult and she is 6 months old. Could it be because she is...