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  1. C

    Concerned about my birds poop

    Is this a normal dropping? We rescued a goffins cockatoo 6 months ago. We got her switched to a pellet and chop diet, this is her second poop that’s more white and runny like this. Should I be worried?
  2. hrafn

    I need someone to punch me in the face

    For real. I know, I KNOW, that bringing a cockatoo into the house is stupid. I know that. I have an African grey and a cockatiel already, which is more than enough dust. I absolutely do NOT need to bring home a Goffin's. Someone else can give him a home. It doesn't have to be me. I don't have...
  3. Goffinsmamma

    One peculiar parrot

    Hello! I've recently adopted a Goffins named Kiwi from a local animalr rescuer. We know nothing about her age or what sort of life she lived before finding us. When we first met her she was in a room with 2 other 'toos and a macaw and was VERY nervous (we've learned she prefers being in a 1 bird...
  4. Madi8416

    Special Needs Home

    I have been taking care of birds for a few years now -- I started off with a little budgie, whom I still have, and have worked my way up to a macaw. I have had all types of birds: Finch, canaries, wrens, starlings, doves, Quakers, parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels, and macaws, etc. Many of the...
  5. PrettyBirdy

    Messed up Feathers?

    My 8 month old Goffins cockatoo, Frankie, has always had messy feathers. She plays hard, spends a lot of time rolling on back, and it really effected her tail feathers. Recently it's gotten more apparent, and her wings have been more messed up. I give her a bath at LEAST once a weak, usually...
  6. PrettyBirdy

    Birds, College and foster homes

    Hi! I am a high school senior, and although I am taking a gap year, I am trying to think ahead as much as possible. I have 3 birds: a gcc, a bebe parrot, and a goffins cockatoo. Luckily, my G2 is just as (or more) bonded to my father, so leaving her is no problem. I'll miss her like crazy, but...
  7. PrettyBirdy

    Breaking Tail Feathers?

    Recently, I adopted a little Goffins too, it was a big deal and she has been just a joy. Frankie is a very, very hard player, she runs around flapping, hopping up and down. Constantly rolling on her back. She has also been breaking a lot of tail feathers, her tail is getting thinner, and after...
  8. CherryBug

    King Solomon Cages?

    I'm wondering if anyone here has purchased a cage from King Solomon Cages. I'd like to get a cage from them, specifically, the King David. Here is a link: King Solomon Cages - The last bird cage you'll ever buy. I would like to purchase this cage for a G2. The cage seems very nice, but, I have...
  9. Microwaveovens

    My goffins rescue

    hello all! I am new to this site so forgive me if im doing this wrong :)I recently rescued a goffins cockatoo from n an avian rescue. I only went there to support my sister while she picked up her new family member , but then I saw him in the corner, no feathers,scared and so tiny. I couldn't...