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  1. G

    triton cockatoo, need help

    I have a bird, Wacko, she's a 32 year old Triton cockatoo. We have had her for 17 years. We have had to have her fostered a couple of times (as briefly as possible) due to instability in living situation. Now we are having to move again and have nowhere to go, as you may know trying to be in...
  2. F

    Help! I have a Bully Bird!

    I have 5 birds, two parakeets that live together, a Sun Conure and adopted Jenday Conure, and an African Grey that I’m currently fostering. My Jenday, Marvin, started out as a foster in June and we officially adopted him a few weeks ago. I’ve had my Sun Conure, Stevie, for about two years and...
  3. P

    Help with senior diet - allergies

    Hi, I'm super new here. I a fostering a 28 yo green indian ringneck that is basically wild and is having gut imbalance issues. Basically, she can't handle ANY seed (even as a treat, I don't feed my birds seed) or any nuts. Right now, she's on 80% fresh chop three times a day with probiotic...
  4. hrafn

    I'm about to be a foster mama!

    I know I'm bad...but at least I'm just the foster parent this time, right?? So, long story short, there's a very old female Boa constrictor imperator in need of a foster family to take care of her in her golden years, and make sure she's a good fit for potential adopters. I'm a sucker for...