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food issues

  1. tiki07

    Can I get my petshop budgie to eat fruits? Help.

    I've had my budgie for a few months now and she has only been eating millet ever since. I tried giving her fruits and vegetables when I first got her, but she ignored them (I did not try feeding her directly, only leaving them in the cage for her. I boiled carrots, I gave her peeled slices of...
  2. A

    My cockatiel won't eat sunflower seeds or anything hard!! How do I teach him?

    Hey, everyone. I'm a new member here so forgive me if I'm not following any conventions. So I got a cockatiel recently. He's 6 months old and haven't had his first molt yet. The seller said he's a male so I'm calling it a he. So my problem is that he cannot bite into anything that's hard...
  3. Melli

    Checking in from Maryland

    Hello! My name is Melli and I am Mama to 3 new budgies, Opal, Oz, and Oshi. Hoping to add one more to the mix soon! I SAY I rescued them... because I bought them from PetSmart... and I definitely FEEL like they were being rescued! I've never had budgies before, but I'm already in love with...