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  1. A

    Harrinsons sample?

    Does anyone have a tiny sample of Harrinsons they could send me in the post for my lovie? Struggling to get roudybush in the UK so looking at uk food alternatives. Don't want to spend £10-£15 on food he won't like. Thanks
  2. alexandrag


    Hello there :) what pellets would you recommend for a cockatiel with FLD (fatty liver disease) ?
  3. KiwiPo

    Is There Any Way to Make Seeds Easier for My Bird to Eat

    Hi me and the s/o have been sick and quarantining, asked my dad to get some seeds on his two hour trip towards us and he did get some. Wasn’t specifc enough and he got the seed mix is Kaytee Fiesta cockatiel food and my baby bird is struggling and we already opened the package and still firm on...
  4. SpaceLatte

    How to get my budgies to eat vegetables??

    So I have been trying to get both on my budgies to eat fruits and vegetables but they keep ignoring it! Either that, they keep throwing them out of their food bowl. Any advice on getting them to eat more healthy?? All they are eating right now are seeds. Thanks :)
  5. Proudparront

    Most Recent Chop!

    This is my most recent batch of chop! I make a new batch of chop about every month. I try to add as large of a variety as I can, to ensure my birds are all receiving the essential vitamins and minerals and I like cutting everything into slightly varying sizes. After I took these pcitures I also...