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flying to you

  1. J

    Budgie keeps flying away outside if the cage

    Hey there! Got 3 young budgies , all are approximately 3-4 months . One is excellent at training outside of the cage : like step up as well as flying to me trick. The other 2 however … is a different case One is quite good at stepping up inside her cage but the moment she gets outside of her...
  2. D

    Cockatiel resists training/wont go in cage.

    Since I have a lot of spare time right now I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach my cockatiel to fly to me when called. Ive only taught him step up so far but that was many months ago when I first found him. I should start by saying he is not receptive to treats but does love head...
  3. AkasyaEllric

    Diggle Scared My Husband

    Diggle has been flying for a while now and just getting better and better at it. He hasn't tried to land on anyone and usually avoids us. Today while my husband was cleaning their cage DIGGLE LANDED ON HIM! It scared the heck out of him, but I was so happy. Diggle adores him and this just proves...
  4. cjy9375

    Missing BF Amazon - Lansing, MI

    MISSING!!! Payton blue fronted amazon parrot!!! Last seen in Hawk Island Park Lansing, MI. She's currently up in a tree in a densely wooded area. I'm going back at sunrise to try and get her down. She recalls well but she's so high up and it's so wooded that I'm not sure she can figure out how...
  5. Fergus Mom

    Flying to you - Clues beforehand?

    For two days now, when the budgies are given flight time, Fiona has been flying very near my head in her circular flight back to her cage. Might this be a clue she will soon land on me? Are there clues, has anyone noticed? I HOPE SO! She has only stepped up on my hand to eat millet a...