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  1. CodaCola

    Looking for Fischer's Lovebirds ! Florida

    I'm very new to the forums and I was wondering if anyone knew a place in Florida for me to get a Fischer's! I was interested in getting a baby bird but a Fischer's of any age is fine. I was hoping to get a Lutino or maybe some other mutation but I am open to any bird as lomg as it's healthy! As...
  2. rocky'smom


    This a YouTube channel that I watch. This morning's post broke my heart. https://www.instagram.com/tylernolantattoo/?hl=en Tyler loves these 2 crazies back yard iguanas. They were locked pen and somebody took them late last night. He is heart sick. Please spread the word there is a reward.
  3. wendy robin

    Black masked lovebird - found in Miami Beach

    About a month ago I found a gorgeous blue lovebird in a park on Miami Beach. I have been trying tirelessly to find his rightful owners to no avail. I truly believe he was dumped because the owner no longer wanted him. This is the 4th parrot over the last 10 years that I have found. The...
  4. Whoviana


    Sunflower flew off this morning in Spring Hill, FL. If anyone lives in the area or knows people in the area please help us find her. We need our baby back.
  5. S

    Amazon Breeders?

    I'm currently looking for a baby amazon parrot to join my flock! I live in south Florida and I hope to find a breeder I can visit. If that's not possible I will consider shipping. Does anyone know of reputable breeders of amazon parrots that I can check out? Thanks in advance!
  6. alyson

    Looking for bird adoption/rescues/sanctuary in florida

    I'd love to adopt a bird from a Florida bird rescue!!!! if you know of any please leave information :o::o::heart::heart:
  7. WendyW

    Hello from Northeast Florida!

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are researching Green Cheek Conures and maybe getting one, one day. I have had two cockatiels when I was growing up and was telling our 9 year old son about them. He has been interested in the birds ever since. We went to Petco the other day to pick up dog...