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flight cage

  1. Creature

    Anyone here have this X-Large corner cage?

    Im thinking of getting this one, but wanted to check and see if anyone here has it, and if they like. I’ve been on the hunt for a big cage with good feeder doors, this is the best option I’ve found so far. :) This would be for two green cheek conures...
  2. M

    Leaving flight cage (w/out birds) on covered screened porch permanently?

    I was thinking of putting a double wide flight cage (regular cage, not built for outdoors) on my screened in porch/lanai (has roof, located in FL) and bringing the birds out to that cage for supervised play time. My question is: if I roll the cage in towards the house wall/slider door when not...
  3. P

    Small rusting on our cage already?

    Hi hi! I have had the prevue Hendrix flight cage for almost 2 years (I can’t find the link I bought from now but its the largest one pictured on the right below, that I could find for three of my cockatiels) Its wrought iron and powder coated and well reviewed but its already got two small...
  4. charlieboy

    Looking for Cockatiel Cage Advice!

    Hi peeps! Haha... get it? :laugh: Happy Easter! As some of you may know I want to get a bigger cage for my cockatiel, Charlie :) I've been eyeing this one a lot: Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand, Chalk White, Large: Amazon.ca: Pet Supplies However, I've never had any...
  5. J

    Cage Sizes

    Hi everyone. I've got 3 birds, a budgie, a cockatiel, and a greencheeck conure. They have currently got 82x52x154cm flight cage each, but I'm looking at upgrading them all to a double flight cage each, so I've got a few questions about doing that. (this is their current cage) 1. Is 1.5cm bar...
  6. parrotman

    Is adonized aluminium wire mesh safe for my parrots?

    Alright so, I need to know if adonized aluminum mesh is safe to use for a flight cage?,I know regular aluminum is bad but is adonized also bad if so I'm going to have to import stainless steel wire mesh for a DIY cage
  7. AmberC

    Laura’s new cage

    We got Laura (our fully flighted rainbow lorikeet) new cage since her old one was way too small! It came with dowel perches and plastic bowls, but we removed them since dowel perches can cause numerous foot problems and plastic bowls can grow bacteria very easily. We will be also be adding SS...
  8. elitys

    Stinky got a Clean Cage

    Poppy (aka Stinky, Poopy, Sweet Girl, etc.) got a clean cage and a new layout yesterday. After several tries, I've finally made a layout that gets her to use all of her levels, all the way to the floor. Had to bribe her with her favorite toy (the green chain with the willow balls) to get her...
  9. sheeluhwhet

    New Peep Cage

    I finally got a flight cage for Peep today! I was so excited for him, but it seemed like he was even more excited (or curious?) than I was. :) His reaction was so unexpected that I wanted to share it here. Honestly, I thought that I would have to wait for him to adjust, but he tried to get into...
  10. 100years

    Aviary/greenhouse: advice?

    Hi I'm new to the forum, but I do lurk on occasion, as I constantly try to make sure I'm doing the best by my little lovebirds at all times. I'm a fairly new owner; I inherited 2 peach-faced lovebirds in January 2012 when my father's girlfriend died. She was a smoker and kept them in a small...