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first molt

  1. ZY28

    Molting since 3 months old...

    Hi, I'm a new bird owner. I just read on this forum today that green cheeks only starts molting around 6 months old. Mine has been molting since I got him and he was 3 months old. He is born in July and I got him in October. I am not sure what a molt looks like, but when he first came home there...
  2. elitys

    First Molt

    Well, I think my baby girl is having her first molt. She's 6 months old in three days, so I think the timing works out. We've got some down fluff being lost, and I've gotten several larger gifts as well (including a little red belly feather, I nearly died it was so cute). No flight or tail...
  3. TheToddicus

    First Time Bird Owner

    Hi all! I'm a first time bird owner with a hand-tame lutino cockatiel called Bambino, coming up to 6 months old. He bonded with me really quickly and now loves my partner too. We decided not to have him clipped and he's really good at flying now, he can be a bit mischievous but he's got a...
  4. Caique-Walk

    Birdie Bean Biscuit & First Molt

    6 month old Charlie is going through his first molt. He loves his birdie bean biscuits, especially when they are still frozen. Yumm.
  5. lovebirb

    question about molting

    my little dragon is going through his first big molt and although i've done quite a bit of research on what to expect and how to help him through this tough time, i'm still new to birds and fuss over him like an overprotective mother lol. :dead: i've been giving him frequent baths and helping...