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  1. F

    Second baby conure attacking first

    Hello everyone! I need some advise because I recently got a new baby gcc (now 3months) called mochi. I have an existing gcc (1year) called fluffy. I am finding ways to introduce them properly so they are friends but face some difficulty. First, I live in a one bedroom apartment. Fluffy has the...
  2. K

    Hate-love relationship of my lovebirds

    Hello everybody! I’m new owner of 2 cute lovebirds. They are about 8 months old and I have them since 2 weeks. One male and one female (at least thats what shop owner said), both untamed so far. Since start they are together in one cage. Most of the time they’re very happy and loving towards...
  3. W

    birds fighting

    alright so about a month ago i bought a couple of lovebirds (named them victor and victoria) in a faily decent sized cage then two weeks later and out of nowhere victoria he female bird passed away nd was left with just victor, i felt like he needed company so i bought another female love bird...