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female bird

  1. K

    Urgent Is her vent normal? Help!

    Is her vent/pooping normal?? Sorry for the graphic video. She has had problems before, her vet is away for his wedding. I can’t get in touch with him for 10 days. She’s been having inconsistent droppings I need to know if this can wait for her vet or not, it’s extremely difficult to find someone...
  2. Missyszlee

    Illiger’s Macaw owners where u at???

    Talk to me about your mini macaws.. specifically anyone with an Illiger’s Macaw. I have a female 4 month old baby and she seems to be the complete opposite of what everyone describes Illiger’s personalities. Male Breeder hand raised her.. I received all these videos of her so sweet and...
  3. Pixiie10

    Urgent Emergency!!!

    Hi everyone, I have a female cockatiel she’s maybe 15 months old she had her first clutch of eggs in the beginning of this year and now she’s laying her second now she have 4 eggs so far. I noticed a small bump under her belly towards her butt and I did even feel it. It felt soft and liquidy as...
  4. Julie O

    Female peach faced LB maturbating

    I have a female peach faced lovebird that has discovered the joys of masturbation... will this behavior trigger egg laying? She does not have a cage mate but has been exhibiting hormonal behavior and just today discovered how to self-love on her perch. If she did lay an egg it would be...
  5. M

    should i get pair of cockatiel with layed eggs home

    I went the other day to pet shop/breeder and he was trying to sell pair cockatiel male and female 18 months old with layed eggs that are a week old, should I get them am scared the pairs would panic and get aggressive cus of the new environment leading to unborn cockatiels I want to breed...
  6. C

    Anemic cockatiel weight control

    We recently, within the past few months, rescued a female cockatiel. We didn't know any of her history at all. So, we brought her to the vet, had her sexed, poop tested, and a full blood workup. We had noticed upon first taking her that her weight fluctuated GREATLY and that all she'll eat is...
  7. Sarah Shrader

    Hello fellow bird people!

    I am a new mommy to a 20 year old female Goffin Cockatoo, Winter. I also currently have a 8 month old Sun Conure, Mikko. Use to have 2 budgies.
  8. E

    Considering an Eclectus

    Hello ! I am here to gather some opinions on some of y'all Ekkie experts. . . WARNING SUPER LONG POST AHEAD! Stay with me.... & help! lol MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: I've owned birds all my life, budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, etc... My Mom currently has an African Grey so I'm familiar with...
  9. mallory

    A Few Questions From A New Lennie Owner

    I've recently acquired a lutino lennie this past week and even with extensive research about the breed, I've found myself still asking questions. 1) Suki (my lennie) has adjusted to her new home quite well, however she doesn't seem interested in any of the toys in her cage and rarely even...