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  1. B

    Potential recovery?

    Hi all my conure was diagnosed with fatty liver and the vet simply told us more veg and carbohydrates we have been following that rule and she is now much more active than before, she eats 3 times a day now (each meal taking 1-3 hours to finish, taking longest at sunset and sundown) and is...
  2. A

    Urgent ! Yellow feathers

    Hi this is urgent , my lovebird who is 1 year old just appeared to have some random yellow feathers between his green feathers on his back , he is a Fischer so I found that so weird ! Plus he is over weighted. His diet contains seeds mostly and during the day he eats vegetables and fruits , I...
  3. alexandrag


    Hello there :) what pellets would you recommend for a cockatiel with FLD (fatty liver disease) ?