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  1. tameem

    Considering rehoming this bird I had for 5 years

    For more context: I had this 5-year-old whiteface cockatiel for around the same time. The responsibility of taking care of this tiel kind of just fell on me by surprise. This tiel is not supposed to be mine in the first place, my brother is the one who got it then suddenly after a relatively...
  2. L

    Family left behind ☹️

    Hi guys, so I just lost my lovebird Luno ☹️ due to pneumonia ☹️. Was very sad BUT I have another worry, he left behind Pepita and 3 + 1 hatched egg . Will Pepita be sad after she attends her babies? Is there something I should be worried about?
  3. Sweet.Pea

    Me and my chickens

    Hi ! My name is Nelly, I’m a 27 year old stay at home mom to a human baby and 11 animal babies! I have two beautiful birds. A 4 year old Congo African Grey with an extensive story, and a 1 year old Lutino peach faced lovebird! My grey tolerates my husband, and our lovebird being DNA’d female...
  4. P

    Welcome home, Pat, Mat, Cherry, Molly and Holly!

    My birds are finally home with me! meet my sweet cockatiel family :) they were all so good on the car ride over. Barely any thrashing in the cages, and the parents actually were singing on the way! So relieved. in their new room they’re acting exactly the same as if nothing happened lol
  5. MadIe

    Need your kind advise ( new girl)

    Hej bird friends, INTRO ( questions below) : I'm Madie, a bird in my passed life ;-) , just kidding , but as my husband puts it: I accidentally love birds However, I have travelled intensively in my life and I only had a bird pet when I was a teenager ( 25 years ago ), it was Eddy the...
  6. Zara

    The Blue Team

    *mostly new pics used (second group pic is older)* Meet the Blue Team; Members; Aldora, Founder and chief noise-maker. Jaime, Co-founder and emotional support officer. Lapis Lazuli, Underling 1, eldest. Nube (pronounced Noo-beh) , Underling 2. Backstory So a year ago...