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  1. Hoshi

    Bird-safe lip moisturizers/facial products?

    Hi everyone, So here in the Northwest, winter weather is here, and with winter weather comes very cold weather that dries out your skin. My little one (Indian Ringneck:irnv:) loves to preen my face, nose, ears, and especially recently, my lips. He really enjoys trying to peel the dead skin off...
  2. J

    Urgent What’s wrong with my Budgie?

    Hi everyone I have 2 budgies and I’ve recently noticed one them looks a little puffy In the face. I’ve had it a few months and never seen this before maybe someone can help me out please :(. Hopefully the picture is able to show what I’m trying to describe.
  3. Zara

    Pictures (Roseicollis/Peach faced) White faced Lovebird growth

    Here are some photographs taken of my beautiful Roseicollis lovebirds growing up. I want to share them, along with their age in each photo as it may help someone identify how old their lovebird is. Most of these pictures are from after the chicks left the nest. As not many people will obtain a...