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eye injury

  1. K

    Urgent Need advice/help, Chronic cockatiel respiratory illness, antibiotics not helping

    Hello, I am a first time poster so I apologize if I have messed anything up! Feedback is totally welcome. My beloved cockatiel sparky is about 4 years old and has been ill. Initially about 6 months ago i took him to the vet because i noticed his left nostril filling up with fluid. He had a...
  2. TLeeMac

    Xavier’s eye

    Xavier is a two year old pearly green cheek conure. So I got Xav out of his cage this morning and he has a big pink mark on the skin around his eye. He’s a little nippy so I had to zoom to get the pic while he was eating. I’m hoping it’s just that he scratched it. This is his first injury ever...
  3. chutik

    Urgent Green cheek conure closed eye

    My pineapple green Cheek conure has suddenly started closing her right eye and when I held a light it seems like her eye is red and possibly has bleeding on the inside of her eye( but I am not 100% sure) she is constantly scratching the eye and seems sleepier and calmer than usual around this...
  4. conureluv

    Eye scratch 2 days ago not healing much??

    Ok, so long story short, my green cheek conure had a swelled eye when I got home from a movie 2 days ago. I was a little worried because part of it was bruised but assumed it would be better the next night. Next night, nothing really changed. He still tried to keep his eye shut and was rubbing...
  5. K

    Cockatiel bold head - new bird

    Hello, I am new to cockatiels and birds. Got a cockatiel, 2-3month old. He is missing feathers on the head, and also some missing under wings. Got him from guy keeping different birds in a shed. The owner messaged the night before collection and told the bird had a fight and his eye damaged... I...
  6. B

    Frankie's Accident and Irn

    Hey guys! I haven't posted here in a while unfortunately, I've been super busy. But I have been reading up on posts now and then! Thought I'd post an update on Frankie. We took him to his new avian specialist vet a week or so ago for a health check and nail trim and I was beyond happy to hear...