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  1. papaya13

    New Bird Jitters?

    I'm driving down to pick up my first bird on Friday, and I feel really nervous about it! I've been waiting for this for more than 7 years, doing as much research as possible in that time... but I still feel unprepared! Has anyone else felt this way before adopting a new bird? Should I be...
  2. Cannie

    Cockatiel too excited to eat, too hungry to hang out (desperate for help)

    My cockatiel's name is Starscream, she's 4 years old and I got her on September 13, 2019. She was originally a breeder's bird but the breeder didn't want her anymore so Star was sold to me as a pet. She was extremely hand shy and I trained her myself. She now loves coming out of her cage...
  3. Connersbirds

    My birds new cage

    Hey guys Check out these sweet new toys!!! They're having a lot of fun.
  4. C

    Hi I’m new here :)

    Hi guys I’m new to this site and am just here to look around at any advice and see what I can learn from you clever bird people so I can share some knowledge myself :) I have 2 canaries Sunshine and Lemon who are my obsession, I am exited move onto a little bit bigger birds soon but for now I...
  5. McBird

    new job!!!!

    yesterday after Leaf went to his vet appointment I had a technical interview (I'm a dog groomer) at a salon and once I was finished the lady who held the interview said "we have to get you in here ASAP" and man... that made me feel really good!! so I start on Monday and I get to finally say...
  6. JPix

    Video What a ham...And a chicken!

    Kaiser's hamming it up for the camera again. Can't quite figure out if he's excited about his new toy, guarding it from my 7 year old or just plain mad at it. Then it's, Kaiser afraid of a little stuffed bunny? Not MY big bad too! :peek1: Hoping everyone is enjoying their Christmas day! Lets...