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  1. L

    Urgent 9 month old Cockatiel straining to poop

    Please help! I am unsure if am emergency vet trip is needed. My cockatiel seems to be straining to poop and urates look off. Vent looks swollen and winks after pooping. On a diet of pellets, avian cakes, dried Karen veggies ans fresh veggies. I have pictures attached of poo and vent area. Acting...
  2. W

    egg help

    first please don't criticise me. we have this pigeon egg we found(its mother abandoned it after we accidentally landed a tennis ball in the nest, we waited for days but she did not come back). i have been keeping it in a draw with a hot water bottle and tin foil to keep in the heat. there is...
  3. Cricketnilesrn

    My banded Male Macaw is a Female

    We have 2 blue and gold macaws, both male, or so we thought. On April first of 2018 we found an egg. Today April 19th, Howie, now Holly, has dropped another egg. We never researched females so we are clueless. How often does a 7 year old macaw lay eggs? How can I tell if my other is a male...
  4. M

    Today my cockatiel died

    I woke up today and knew that my male cockatiel died Leaving his female mate that just laid an egg, I don't know what to do now, I don't think that bringing a new mate now is a good idea, but I don't want to her to feel lonely and the egg thing I'm not sure that she can handle it alone or should...