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double yellow head amazon

  1. Kiwi909

    Baby advice

    Good morning, I am a new momma to this group and this baby which we named Kiwi. I think he’s a yellowhead Amazon. I was told he was 2 months old when I got him. I’ve had him almost 2 weeks. I have been feeding him the Kaytee Exact formula 3 times a day. Each time about 35ML and I have offered...
  2. mangobird

    Update on rescue amazon

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well during the quarantine/pandemic. I wanted to give you all a quick update on the amazon I posted a few weeks back, where I asked for help about having a new rescue. I’m happy to say that she is absolutely thriving here :D Tyler has slowly shown that she’s...
  3. mangobird

    Rescued Amazon help!!

    Hi everyone! Today, I rescued a 13 year old Amazon, who I was told is a Tres Marias Amazon. They call her Tyler! She’s scared, but I can absolutely tell that underneath the hurt and broken is a sweet bird that loves people. I’ve been looking into amazons for a while, but this wasn’t quite my...
  4. B

    Recently inherited double yellow head amazon

    Hello all. First time poster here. My father passed away about a year and a half ago. My mother attempted to care for his bird and did not have time for him. Now he lives with my family! Barney (the bird) has probably not been fed correctly in the 30 or so years my father owned him. To my...