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diy toy

  1. ZY28

    Are cardboard safe?

    Hi, So I recently cut out some cardboard pieces from ikeas packaging and toilet paper rolls(photos attached) to make bird toys. Then, I came across a article that said that corrugated cardboard and toilet paper rolls are not safe for parrots. I doubt this is true because a lot of parrot toys...
  2. B

    Are knit/crocheted toys safe?

    I was wondering if I could knit or crochet some toys for a bird. I’m worried they could get a loose thread and get tangled, or get their claws stuck in the yarn.
  3. Dextine

    DIY quick paper foraging/shredding toy

    I made a toy for my lovebirds and was pretty proud of how it turned out. :yes4: For some reason my balls turned out looking more like prisms :lol: Here is the tutorial for the braiding/folding To thread the balls onto a chain I used a bobby pin. They're seriously handy as bird-toy-needles.
  4. Mo Amjad

    DIY toys

    Hey guys can I use these metals as for a toy?.
  5. Zara

    Foraging; An easy How-to

    If you aren´t sure how to provide a foraging activity for you bird, have a read of this pdf. You may be surprised at just how easy it is and you don´t have to always spend a fortune on expensive toys...
  6. kifird

    A new toy for Nua! (DIY Foraging toy)

    So I did some research on how budgies like to forage, and apparently, they love to forage on the ground more than on trees and such. So I tested the waters by grabbing an empty container and filling it with pebbles, wood shavings, paper, and all the things that my little bird loves to chew up...
  7. Nadia Bingo

    Pictures DIY Leather Bird Toys (Before & After Pics)

    My Conure, Baby, loves to chew on leather (I don't think I can stress the 'love' enough). I thought everyone might enjoy seeing the before and after pics for some of the recent toys I made him! They are pretty simple but I have step-by-step instructions for making the toys on my blog, if you...