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  1. BabyBirdMa

    Avian Flu???

    So apparently there’s an avian flu going around that’s highly contagious to all birds and caused a bunch of turkeys to be put down. I can’t find any information about this disease so I’m reaching out here. How deadly is it to birds? Can it be treated at all? What is the treatment? What should I...
  2. S

    Pictures not better! Afraid Enlarged Organs Liver proventriculus don't know what to do!!!

    I am new to this forum. I have already been to a VET multiple times. I am struggling with how much $ I have already spent and my bird is still not better. Looking for opinions/advice and personal experiences. I will attach xray images. I don't know what or if I should do any further...
  3. B

    A wierd problem

    Bobby is like 2 months , and we brought him home a week ago. We observed a big wound on his chest , which is almost black. He doesen't seem sick , he plays with everything and he's eating a lot but, and here's the interesting part, when he drinks the water flows out where his wound is . My...
  4. M

    Tips about quarentine how much right?

    Hello In here one avian experts vet says quarentine time need to give antibiotics.how much it is right?ciprofloxacin 7 days.Tetracycline7days.Levamisol 1 days. This antibiotics ar given during quarentine prodecure time. Is it right or wrong?
  5. M

    Can i keep parakeets and finch, java sparrow in same room

    Hi This my another post.i pet parakeet speciesin my bird room.ihave budgues,cockatie, lovebirds.now i purchase some finch and java. But my one relative said its not good for parakeets health.finches and java spread many Disease in parakeets species. Its really true?if yes how i control it...
  6. BudgieMom

    Budgie diseases.

    Hello! I have got a list of some of the Many Diseases that your Budgie can get. And some treatments for some of them info is taken from The parakeet handbook Omlet Pet education Pet education Pet education ✦-Liver disease-Fatty liver disease in birds, also known as hepatic lipidosis, is a...