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  1. Angela_2

    Best type of Harrison's pellet

    Hello ^-^ Hope everyone has a good time. So finally after a long time of search for a good pallet which is available in my country store i found Harrison's pellet. It's my first bird and first time buy him pellet and i try my best to do search and ask here and you all helped me a lot *hearts*...
  2. Angela_2

    Indian ringnecked's diet and meals

    Hello there. hope everyone has a good time ^-^ So, my problem is with my tweet's eating He barely eats much even when i offer his favorite food. Does it because i always put food every time for him (i don't want him to get hungry ) Well i want to know how much of food does a less than a year...
  3. Angela_2

    Picky baby

    Hi there. My baby is so picky, an Indian ringnecked. I give him every morning a mix of veggies and fruit but he only wants to eat seeds especially sunflowers. I give him as much variety of food as i can but he doesn't want to eat much of his veggies and fruit. Today mix included cucumber...