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dehydration help

  1. ktluvszoe

    Accidentally left lovebird without fresh water for 8 hours!!

    Hello, I had an accident today where I forgot to give my lovebird water for 8 hours. I need to know signs to watch out for that she’s in danger. Online says she would be good without water for 3 days but I just want to make sure she’s well cared for. I recently switched my bird to a new larger...
  2. S

    Is my baby Sun Conures poop healthy?

    Please let me know if my baby sun conures poop is ok! He is a very happy, healthy and noisy bird but im just not sure if his urine is bit discoloured - sometimes its clear and sometimes its slightly tinted yellow/brown He is eating Exact Hand feeding formula so perhaps its just his food...
  3. SamanthaAV

    Help! Xyla might be sick!

    It looks like Xyla hasn't touched her water in a while and her poops are very watery. I did a home health exam and I checked the elasticity of her skin where her eyelid is, it took way too long to fall back into place. I'm worried she is dehydrated. I have a heat lamp on her now, I've changed...