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cute budgies

  1. Gersha

    Quality time with the babies

    Some pictures of the three babies! They are 3 and a half weeks old now! The light colored one is Shiro, and the other two have yet to be named! I want to thank everyone for the advice given to help these babies thrive! ♡
  2. BudgieLove

    Getting some sun…and is Nellie a girl??

    So pleased with how well Nellie and Kevin are getting along…they are also becoming very tame as spend a lot of time with them I am home every day (totally wild from pet shop when I got them only a few weeks ago for Kev and a week ago for Nellie) sun was finally out today and they spent some time...
  3. Stevie

    Love Me! Preen Me!

    Stevie & Ronnie having a little preening and cuddling session….they are both so gentle with each other…. So far! Hope it stays that way!!!