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  1. Pipo

    Cuddle or not

    Hello, I have a female budgie who think I were her mate, although I am her mom. She normally doesn’t allow anyone to cuddle her, but when I do, she is easily aroused. Since she had laid too many eggs in the past months, I tried not to cuddle her that much. She managed to stop her egg production...
  2. birdMama10

    Are IRNs generally cuddly birds?

    I’m a bird mama of two Bourke’s parrots and I love them to death. They are tame and hand trained but Bourkes are not a species that likes to hang out on your shoulder or be on you, give them a kiss, etc. I’ve been wanting a handfed IRN for over a year now and I really want to know if they’re...
  3. JayBudgiz

    Budgie cuddles and kisses

    I have two pairs of bonded budgies, one pair only months old and the other years ahead. They all love cuddling up against each other and are so cute so here are their photos. Don't forget to post some snuggling photos here too!!