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crop stasis

  1. cocotiel

    URGENT!!! 2 week old cockatiel with sour crop (Sad Update #8)

    Hi, hope you all are doing well with all your feathered friends. Mine on the other hand is extremely sick. I got a 2 week old cockatiel, Mini, which already had a severe case of sour crop. The vet asked me to mix the handfeed with gripe water and prescribed Nystatin along with cephalexin twice a...
  2. J

    Urgent Urgent!! Help!! Crop hasn’t empty

    Hello, I have a 10 day old chick that has been doing well over the last week, slowly gaining weight, while Ive been hand-feeding it myself after it was abandoned by its parents. Its the first time Im doing this but have followed all the rules online on how to hand rear the a chick from young...
  3. J

    Urgent Sour crop/air filled

    I recently had to take care of unweaned baby cockatiel, about 21 days old. I fed it Harrison’s formula and made sure the temperature was correct and everything. The chick’s crop hasn’t fully emptied in about 15 hours, even though it’s droppings are normal. I just gave it three drops of acv in...