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crop infection

  1. E

    Urgent Possible Yeast Infection

    Hi There! First time poster and newbie here, thanks for having me! My birds had babies (first time for them and me) which I didn't think would happen. The parents have been feeding the one chick but they have been overfeeding the past few days and the crop is pretty massive tonight and I've...
  2. Z

    Urgent Crop filled with liquid and the chick is regurgitateing most of the time

    my 20 day old baby finch is making clicking sound and breathing with its mouth. And today in the morning its sack was also full of air, i gently massaged the air out. it was also trying to regurgitated. Please help me out, there are no vet clinic in my area.
  3. BirdiLover

    Bird has a foul smell on the beak, what to do?

    Yesterday I noticed that my greenfinch was lethargic and started smelling foul around the beak. He pooped normally which didn’t smell unusual but he didn’t want to eat, drink or do anything. After a few hours he became active again and started to recover from this lethargic state. He even wanted...
  4. Emma O'Donnell

    New here, have a question! (about new parakeet!)

    Hello, I just got a new parakeet on Saturday (Today is Wednesday). I have a cockatiel and another parakeet already, who he has met and seems to enjoy, but Pickle (the new parakeet) seems like he might be sick. My other two are fine, so I don't think it's contagious. After some research I am...