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  1. LarryBird

    NEW PRODUCT Finally! Halloween Specials and a Free Video Tutorial for you & your birbs!

    We've got something for you and your birds: click the orange picture below to see our full offering! Avian Avenue members can use promo code AA10 for 10% off! For the birbs... have you ever wanted your pet birds to wear a Halloween costume? We have just released our free tutorial video on...
  2. hrafn

    An intriguing (depressing?) discovery re: Kamara

    Since this was the first Hallowe'en that Taco and Kamara have had at my house, I tried to ensure that they wouldn't be spooked by my costume. I wore each piece until they were used to it, then gradually started wearing the whole ensemble. They did a good job of recognising me, so I was pretty...