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conure sick

  1. S

    Sick bird?- Sad Update Post #14

    Hello! This is my first time posting here! I figured i needed to discuss this with people who are more experienced than me! so I have a green cheek yellow sided conure, ive had him for a year and a half almost the past few days he has been acting sick? He is all puffy and sleeps more then...
  2. Parakeet88

    GCC weird regurgitation?

    I finally have a few days off from work so I went to my parents house for a couple days. I always bring my GCC, ben, with me. This is only his second car trip, he did really well on the first trip but this time it was raining. I think the wipers and how loud the rain was freaked him out at...
  3. Zebez

    Is this a normal conure noise?

    Ember started making this noise two days ago. It seems more frequent now. She also seems a bit more moody, but she eats and plays like normal. She's just a little more nippy. I have called two vets, set up an appointment with one of them and seeing if I can get an appointment earlier with the...