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  1. MiniMarie

    Pictures Companion for my Budgie

    Background: I got Jade January 2021 from Petco. I was preparing for a budgie to bring home, not from Petco, by getting toys ect.then I saw Jade and Opal (in bird heaven now).I had to take them home. The problems started right away. Fluffed, sneezing, Jade had enlarged chest area, not chatty...
  2. G

    Advice for screaming and potential companion :)

    Hi there! Forgive me if I'm using the wrong space I'm just figuring this one out So I have a 6 year old female ringneck named Inka, she's a violet and was the most precious baby, I had her from the moment she was ready to go, she's not very playful but she is super affectionate with me. For a...
  3. K

    considering a GCC

    Hi all! I currently have a wonderful Rosy Bourke, and I've been thinking about getting another bird, but I have some questions. I absolutely would NOT house them together, but would they be ok coexisting with supervised time in my room? I'm a college student, living at home, and I have the...
  4. sooniesyj


    i'm new here so i don't really know where to post but my sibling owns a lovebird who is depressed and my sibling doesn't spend time with her at all anymore. the lovebird doesn't trust me much and bites me a lot and she only trusts my sibling who has forgotten she exists. i'm trying everything...
  5. C

    New Dove Mama in Need of Advice

    Hi everyone! A couple days ago, I adopted an eight year old female ringneck dove. She still seems to be a bit stressed from the move so I've been giving her space and letting her get acclimated to her new home. I want to get a second dove to be her companion, but I'm not sure when to do it. I...
  6. Cockatango

    my cockatiel's keeper ??

    I've had Tango for 13 months - and it's been great. Sure she's still a bit nippy but when she lets me cuddle her it's all worth it. I start university in September and I'm a bit worried I won't be able to give her all the attention she needs. I'm worried that getting another bird would just...
  7. Renaissanista

    Zoe the CBC What's best for her?

    I have a CBC and a Quaker. Zoe, the CBC, is 6 years old. My Quaker, Elihu, is 11. Zoe is a sweetie, very energetic, gentle, kind, talks and eats like a "piggy" (her favorite word to say). I had Ellihu 5 years before I got Zoe. He's awesome and brilliant but he's not a bird bird. He thinks...
  8. Whoviana

    A bird for the bird

    Sunflower will be five months old when I go back to work, but my husband will be working from home until January. We are thinking about getting Sunflower another GCC companion so she won't be lonely while we are at work during the day. Is this a good idea? Will the birds bond more with each...
  9. M

    Need Help With Companion

    I've got a bit of a tricky situation I'm hoping folks could help me with. I have a four year old pineapple green cheek I found on Craigslist about a year ago and another baby phased GCC I got for him to be a companion around six months ago. The issue I'm having is that the pineapple was...