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  1. Csolis22

    Is the discoloration on my lovie normal?

    I noticed her peach isn’t in a straight line like it always is, she has some pale colors making the line uneven on her head. Is this normal or is a vet visit in order?
  2. Quailer2

    Should I continue using this?

    Because my birds have finished their seed mix, I decided to buy a new seed/pellet mix. My dad limited me to 10$ or less on the price and all the other seed mixes contained mostly just millet sadly, so I decided to go with this: All Living Things® Seed & Pellet Medley Finch & Canary Diet | bird...
  3. shajeeb

    Video What type of cockatiel he is?

    Hello, Meet Loki. He is a baby boy (5 months old). I was wondering if he is a cinnamon or peart! Youtube link
  4. Pastel

    Budgie room color

    Hello everyone! I haven’t posted a thread in a while, and for those of you who know, Pastel was sick but she seems to have recovered fully. She is happy and playing with her toys, eating on her own and is less anxious overall! I’m going to include a picture I’m planning on restoring my current...
  5. Chase Hein

    Light green bird poop

    Hey guys, my bird just pooped and the coloration seems different, the feces is a bright green. I am a huge stress case so I had to ask you guys, is this ok? Thanks!
  6. LexiTheEck

    Normal Feathers for Recovering Plucker

    Hi All, My name is Sean. I adopted a female Grand Eclectus named Lexi. She will turn 15 this year. My only previous experience was with Conures, and Cockatiels. She was plucked bare on her entire body, under her wings, & on top from the front back to where her flight feathers start...
  7. Jenn.Benson

    Need help with this mutation

    I need help with this mutation, as she has me stumped. She appears to be edge dilute possibly, but am thrown on the color/mutation otherwise. I had originally thought pallid as well, but her eyes are black, and I thought pallid and cinnamon could only have red eyes? I will include a picture of...