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cockatiel chicks

  1. C

    should i get 1 or 2 cockatiels ?

    hello! I am planning to get cockatiels in the future but I am not sure whether I should buy one or a pair? actually, I go to school so I will not be having much time to spend with the tiels. But if I get a pair of them (as chicks) I will not know which one is male and which one is female as it...
  2. B

    Cleaning Cockatiel Chicks

    Hi All My Name is Bassam and I am not quite experienced with birds but I really love and care for them. So, Recently I bought 2 Cockatiel Chicks currently days 27 days old, the issue is there is stiff food on their crop feathers when I brought them in. I would appreciate recommendation on how...
  3. Raptor40

    Cockatiels Constantly Mating?

    Hey! I've had 2 clutches of chicks now (5 eggs in each, all hatching with 2 chicks surviving the first clutch and 3 the second). I had taken the first 2 chicks out for hand raising, waited a bit and then taken the main nesting box out. By this time, however, they'd already started mating and I...
  4. Raptor40

    Cockatiel Chick Problems?

    Hello again, I have just recently finished cleaning off two cockatiel chicks, as they had faeces on their feet (only recently realised why you need to clean the nesting box regularly) and noticed that one of the chicks has a strange abnormality with its foot. It looks as if it's either...
  5. Raptor40

    Cockatiel Chick Feeding and Nest Cleaning

    Hello! I had posted a week and a bit ago about taming cockatiel chicks, as some new chicks had begun hatching. The eggs had all hatched, which was great, but I took a few wrong turns with the nest-care, as I was under the impression that I wasn't meant to touch the nest at all until the...