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cockatiel age

  1. 123delrey

    stressed out cockatiel :(

    recently, my family got a new cockatiel after our beloved conure passed away. this cockatiel is 10 years old and we adopted him from a shelter. we have had him for about a week and he is very anxious. he will start screaming at the top of his lungs, he bites and attacks everyone, he chews on his...
  2. N

    Cockatiel botched wing clip help

    My birds wings are cut too short Is there a possibility that they will not grow back? Is there anything that we can do to help the bird? When I got him his wings were clipped already clipped from the pet store, so I wasn’t involved in the process he is about 7 months old
  3. H

    Video Panting Cockatiel chicks.

    Video of panting so my pairdecided to become parents. They laid eggs in my cupboard and now I am having 3 chicks, 2 weeks old and 10 days old. But I am seeing that they are panting continuously. My father cockatiel is not well so he is kept in a different cage so only mother cockatiel is feeding...