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  1. K

    Urgent Is her vent normal? Help!

    Is her vent/pooping normal?? Sorry for the graphic video. She has had problems before, her vet is away for his wedding. I can’t get in touch with him for 10 days. She’s been having inconsistent droppings I need to know if this can wait for her vet or not, it’s extremely difficult to find someone...
  2. A

    There is something sticking out of my finch’s cloaca!

    Today morning I noticed that he had a little bump on his cloaca that was visibly disturbing him. I didn’t think anything of it because I thought it was poo stuck to his feathers. Some time later when he was sleeping, I saw that something long pinkish-white was sticking out of it. It got longer...
  3. Chase Hein

    Swollen cloaca

    Hey guys, I have four lovebirds and one has layed 3 clutches in the past four years but the other three are either male or to young I have 2 that are about a year old. Anyway one of the year old birds seems to have something wrong with them, I think she might be about to lay an egg but Im not...
  4. S

    Pictures Vent feathers gone and stained, cloaca exposed and poop stuck

    My quaker parrot has recently been having issues. They are missing a ton of feathers from the cloaca area, and poop has been getting stuck. I can't afford an avian vet, so I was wondering if there's anything I could do for them. They seem to be doing reasonably fine, but there have been moments...