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  1. budgelove

    Cleaning Routine

    One last question before I got buy my pair of budgies :) Many thanks to everyone that has answered my various questions in the past few days. I'm thinking of doing this cleaning routine: -Daily: Move the budgie pair to a second cage or let them roam in their room. Empty the liners/newspaper on...
  2. F

    HELP! i have some questions about baby cockatiels

    i have so question to ask a bird professional when can i bath the cockatiel ? is kaytee hand feeding formula safe for it ? when should i start to ween it ? how do i tell it gender ? and how do it make it less afarid of me your help would be appreciated ! thanks a ton !
  3. frogfoot

    Preening dust

    Hi!! This is a parrot question in general. Ruby is my first "big" bird and I've never experienced a problem with this before with my parrotlets and budgies. Basically, she preens violently and constantly, especially when she's sitting on me (her favorite activity). It looks like she's got a...