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  1. L

    My cockatiel is chasing the other one and is trying to kill it

    My cockatiel kiwi is a female living with eli who is also a female in a comfortable cage. They were friends until one day kiwi started to chase eli and didnt stop until they were out of breath and that continued for days. I have no idea whats the problem with kiwi. They have the toys to play...
  2. Tibby_blu

    Chasing budgie

    Hi have two budgies taro and gumi, gumi is relatively new like 3 months maybe? They get along great, preening each other, regurgitating for each other and just chilling together. Problem is gumi always chases taro around sometimes flies at taro. Anything taro does gumi suddenly wants to do and...
  3. P

    Need advice re stereotypies

    Hello, all—I'm new to this forum and find myself needing some advice from experienced canary people. A couple of years ago, I adopted two Canaries, Julio and Flambeau, who came to me in the same cage. After a bit, I added them to a cage with another Canary and a couple of finches. Julio started...