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cere discoloration possible disease maybe?

  1. M

    Dark ring around nares?

    I noticed this darkness around Rainbow’s nares the other day and was wondering if I should be concerned. I live in humid Florida and take her into the shower as well as keep her room always at a pleasant temperature. I know birds are super good at hiding when they don’t feel good which is why I...
  2. Seraphenebirdo

    Budgie Ceres

    Hi y’all. I just went to a new petshop in my area and I noticed that some of budgies cere’s looked like this (picture). Anyway my question is is this hormonal or are they sick? They seem fine but their Ceres look horrible. I don’t know much about budgies though so I’m interested to know.
  3. DarkenedStar2

    Urgent Cockatoo cere Help

    Hi, so my aunt and uncle own a cockatoo it was my aunt's fathers before he passed away so she's a very old bird and I noticed that there was something wrong with her cere. I've told them to take her to a Vet but they're not concerned to take her until her appointment next week.
  4. Fergus Mom

    Anything wrong with these ceres? Is it just me?

    I keep thinking there is something wrong with these birds ceres, but I may be just completely off base. Does anyone else see the discoloration as a possible beginning of scaly mite, or some problem? @PoukieBear ? @Budgiebonkers ? I can't think of others to tag... maybe @faislaq and @LSA ...