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  1. Csolis22

    Urgent Lovebird Spitting up White Foam in Morning

    Hi my lovie is 5 years old and she’s been acting normal but since yesterday in the morning she has been spitting up white foam. She’s known for regurgitating all the time on her toys but always food. i took her to the vet and they did blood work and an x ray and here are the photos the vet...
  2. chondlr

    Frayed Tail and Black Marks on Conure?

    I have a crimson bellied conure named Eddie - he’s 6 months old and I’ve been really concerned about his feathers. I’ve had green cheek conures before (a turquoise and a cinnamon) but he’s my first CBC and it’s only on him that I’ve noticed these black marks on his wings, and the end of his tail...
  3. F

    Crimson Bellied Conure cuddly and playful ?

    Hi guys i want to ask about CBC i had green cheek before and he was so cuddly and amazing, everytime he saw me he was leave his cage and come to cuddle and play with me, now i have CBC 4 month old hand rised, i got him 2 days ago from a breeder and he look so apathetic, he is not moving much...
  4. Renaissanista

    Zoe the CBC What's best for her?

    I have a CBC and a Quaker. Zoe, the CBC, is 6 years old. My Quaker, Elihu, is 11. Zoe is a sweetie, very energetic, gentle, kind, talks and eats like a "piggy" (her favorite word to say). I had Ellihu 5 years before I got Zoe. He's awesome and brilliant but he's not a bird bird. He thinks...